supplement (2002)

“Where’s the milk?”   she says, as lumps of flesh are piled and spilled across a battlefield of absence and ennui....  So begins the peculiar tale of a woman’s search for epiphany at the hands of a rolfer.  Featuring extraordinarily lucid performances in a provocative and sensual multimedia production, supplement  looks for the connective tissue in a world of imploding dissolution and asks: “are you ok?”

Cast & Credits

Concept and Construction: Dean Moss

Original Cast: Kacie Chang, Marcelo Coutinho, Jason Marchant, Hiromi Naruse and Kathryn Sanders. 

Movement for supplement has been created on and in collaboration with the performers.

The dialogues in supplement were generated by the performers

Lighting Design: David Fritz

Costume Design and Construction: Gia Grosso

Music: Marc Ribot from the CD “Shoe String Symphonettes”: a 1997 release of his of scores

for film on TZADIK. The music is used with the permission of the artist.

Video Screens: Eric Guzman

Photographs: Ayumi Tamaki

Video: Dean Moss

Performance Consultation: Yasuko Yokoshi

Production Assistance: Hadas Gil-Bar

The creation of supplement was made possible through the talents and diligence of the performers, in addition to a two year production grant from the Jerome Foundation, an Artist Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art, and The Danspace Project’s 2002-03 Commissioning Initiative with support from New York State Council on the Arts. Additional rehearsal space was provided by The Brooklyn Arts Exchange.  supplement is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts and the premiere production of Gametophyte Inc. supplement gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following individuals: Lili Chorpra, Molly Davies, Georgia Delano, Frances Kazan, Caroline S. Keating, Marya Warshaw, Micki Wesson, Ruth and Norman Zachary, Franny Zorn

“An obsessive concern with visual detail and tropism toward multimedia collaborative work make Moss, a native of Washington State who’s lived and worked here since 1979, a good bet to confuse and delight you”

           Elizabeth Zimmer, Village Voice 10/30/02       

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