“Moss blended hip-hop, ballroom, tap slapstick, and ballet into a reflective stream of consciousness, revealing a world existing somewhere between organic and mechanical, material and ephemeral, wave and particle. Moss’ work applied scientific concepts to ritualized intimations of minstrel, Voodoo, and human interaction, as if we were looking at them from the inside of a petri dish.”

Heather Despres Burak,

Lesbian & Gay New York

Spooky action at a distance (1999)

I like science: biology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, stuff like that. I‘m not so good socially. I like sex, but people are an acquired taste. I’m aging and think of mortality, of loss. Concepts interest me. Imagery interests me. Activities of falling involve me. I like doing. I like to do all, all at once. It’s unconscious and confusing. I make mistakes. I panic. There’s a fair amount of pain, physical and otherwise, and bliss...

Like blackfaced Astaire tapping a tattoo to Bill “Bojangles” Robinson while Noam Chomsky questions Cartesian concepts of body and Ginger asks, “How do you like my dress?”. She doesn’t mean what she says, she means something else: something about bodies and falling and loss and sex and science. She means something about simultaneity and something vaguely sinister, like what Einstein used to call “spooky action at a distance” and I call dancing.

Cast & Credits

Concept and Construction: Dean Moss

Original Cast: Kacie Chang, Marcelo Coutinho, Dean Moss

Score: mixed; designed by Dean Moss

Music: Hoagie Carmichael, Lakou Kanno, Jerome Kern and Sosyete Manto Sen Pyè; text by Noam Chomsky, Richard Feynman and David Ruelle - as read by Grover Gardner, Jeff Riggenbach

and Ralph Cosham

Videography: Dean Moss

Lighting Design: David Fritz

Costumes: Gia Grosso with Leah Chalfen

Premiere venue: The Kitchen

Notable venue: The Whitney Museum of American Art

1999 New York Dance and Performance BESSIE Award;

1999 Ballet/Tanz magazine’s annual International Critic’s Survey: “Important Collaboration between Designers and Choreographers”.

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