Kisaeng becomes you (2008-09)
A collaboration with Korean modern and traditional dance choreographer Yoon Jin Kim. The work explores contemporary parallels found in the poems and lives of Korea's artist/courtesans of the Joseon Dynasty called Kisaeng. Complete performance: (here).  Memoirs of a Kisaeng (here)
Nameless forest (2011)
A performance in collaboration with Korean sculptor and poet, Sungmyung Chun. The work explores subjectivity and the nature of perception by both translating Chun’s installations into live action, and questioning the act of translation itself.  Online book (here).  Complete performance: (here)
States & Resemblance (2007)
A collaboration with photographer, actor, Ryutaro Mishima and Indonesian Traditional Dance artist, Restu Kusumaningrum.  A meditation on how things, people and experience pass away: how it is painful and beautiful and inevitable.states.html
figures on a  field (2005)
A collaboration with visual artist Laylah Ali. The work questions patterns of cultural consumption through the “staging” of Ali’s provocative “Greenhead” paintings and the museum environment in which they are exhibited. Extended excerpt: (here)
american deluxe (2001)
A project exploring my relationship to violence in a large sense - socio-political, aesthetic and the theological - their infinite reflections, the mesmerizing beauty of their articulation.american.html
Spooky action at a distance (1999)
A meditation blending the Astair/Rogers film, “Swing Time” and quantum mechanics.  As such it was about bodies and falling and loss and sex and science; about simultaneity and something vaguely sinister....spooky.html
supplement (2002)
A project exploring the seepage between the body and the environment. A search for epiphany at the hands of a rolfer, the work looked for the connective tissue in a world of dissolution and asked: “are you ok?”suplement.html


I like science: biology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, stuff like that. I‘m not so good socially. I like sex, but people are an acquired taste. I’m aging and think of mortality, of loss. Concepts interest me. Imagery interests me. Activities of falling involve me. I like doing. I like to do all, all at once. It’s unconscious and confusing. I make mistakes. I panic. There’s a fair amount of pain,

physical and otherwise, and bliss...   

johnbrown (2014)
A meditation on historical deeds and their resonance, the work uses its presentation and pre-performance production to reflect not only on the controversial legacy of the white abolitionist but also the racial, gender and generational processes at play in the inquiry. Complete performance here.

gametophyte inc.

Petra (2017)
A meditation on desire, both personal and institutional, Petra examines race, sex, and power through the lens of service and unrequited love. Inspired by the film “The bitter Tears of Petra von Kant” by Rainer Fassbinder.petra.html